The Third Die dice bag really comes from the need for a decent large dice bag that really performs for the tabletop gamer.

Many popular games like Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars Imperial Assault require several dice to play the game.

In reality, many people play multiple different games concurrently.

The average player carries 30 of their favorite dice and many players are packing around 50 individual dice.

So how do they store and carry around all those dice?

crown royal bag

We started off looking at “the old stand by” the purple Crown Royal liquor bag.

So so many gamers have been using this bag for all their dice since they began playing. Some going on even 20 years!

Most of the reasoning (we discovered) is because there is no decent bag out there to replace it with.

So that is where we started.

First we looked at why the Crown Royal dice bag has been the go-to bag for so many years:

  • Draw string closes the bag up tight
  • Super soft fabric
  • Built to last

Then, we thought of how we can take those elements and improve upon them:

  • Make the bag so that it stands up open on the table
  • Make it super-softer
  • Create a better closing string design
  • Make it way cooler than and old liquor bag

Wa~La! The inaugural Third Die “Company Bag” Family!

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