We set out to enter the screen cleaner market with one thought in mind: create a screen cleaner for today’s modern high definition tvs.

Upon further exploration, we began to think about all the additional highly sophisticated device screens that surround us in our daily lives.

All of them are touch screen!

Phones, tablets, laptop screens, in-dash navigation systems… they all are coated in fingerprints. The real kicker is that the average American household has a great many of such screens and we just can’t see an end to this trend.

Our Formula

So the whiteboard was full of what we want and especially what we DO NOT want in our special Screen Joy formula:

  • No Ammonia – Etches fine screens
  • No Alcohol – Strips the special coating off expensive screens
  • No scent – That’s just an additive that will end up as residue
  • No color – Has to be clear.. again no additional residue
  • Purified formula base – Pure, distilled water

After getting a list of “not haves” together, we then set out on getting the right kind of fluid that will cut greasy fingerprints (without cutting into the screen coating) and something to lift the dust off the surface so it can be wiped away.

Easy right?

Our Microfiber Cloths

After months of development we then set our sites on the cloth itself.

It may seem basic but there is a lot of thought put into these cloths.

We decided on a semi-standard 80/20% blend of super high quality polyester and polyethylene. Then got together with a leading manufacturer in the microfiber business and had them do something special.

We produced the two sides of the cloth independently.

Then, to ensure quality we gave then a zig zag finished cut, the keeps the cloth from fraying and you can use the edges to get into fine places without scratching the surface of lenses.

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