Our Story

IX Better Home (IXBH) was founded in 2013 by me, Leif Croonquist.

I really wanted to create a way, a lifestyle that would allow me to earn a living (and take care of my family) without needing to leave the house for 10-12 hours a day. I wanted, I needed to be in present in my children’s lives and so I knew I wanted to somehow create a business that would allow me to do that.

I decided I wanted to do something with what I call “smart products” smart on the buyer’s money, smart on the environment, and useful stuff.

So I founded IXBH and set out to do that.


The first product idea that jumped out at me was the need for a quality lingerie wash bag (it is the first of IXBH’s 17  products).

I know it sounds like an obscure thing to set out to do but I really put it all together when I realized that women were spending $50-$80 per bra not to mention the other unmentionables. Money really starts to add up.

I saw the absolute JUNK being sold at local box stores and I NEW I could drastically improve this garment wash bag.

After many months WashGuard was born:

Thankfully I struck a chord with buyers (my core shoppers are women) and the quality of the bag really spoke for itself and has continued to drive the product’s popularity. Over time, we grew from having just one medium bag, to an 8 product family.

At the time of this writing we have sold about 50,000 units and for that I am extremely grateful.

Learn more about what makes WashGuard so special...

We have written up a page that details the WashGuard product specifically. Feel free to learn more!


In 2014 I wanted to get into the screen cleaner game and knew it was a bigger pond with bigger fish, so I set out to do what IXBH does best. Create the best product on the market.


It took about 9-10 months to develop Screen Joy and it has become a stand-alone brand (you can read more and fully experience Screen Joy at it’s Product brand site https://screenjoy.net).

Once again I am thankful that the quality of the product is driving and increasing it’s marketplace popularity.

We have a long way to go with Screen Joy but off to a great start.

We are very proud of Screen Joy, Here's how to learn more...

Yes Screen Joy has it’s own page here at IXBH and for a brief introduction into this amazing product just click the button to learn more ….


As a bit of a departure, we found a real need from the tabletop gaming community in that there was no decent dice bag for them to use.


So in now what has become our standard fashion,  we set out to create the best gaming dice bag on the market, and based upon the sales, and reviews from our growing fan-base, Third Die dice bags have been a huge success. You can read more and fully experience Third Die at it’s product brand site https://third-die.com.

Third Die is an Interesting thing indeed....

We are pretty proud of our latest creation, feel free to follow this link to learn more about the Third-Die dice bags.


We march forward with continued improvements to our product line as well as develop great new products. An additional 2 new brands will be released in 2016.